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Italian Gelato in London
Our ingredients are of the utmost importance and we do not compromise on them. We take great pride in our selection of products: better quality products utilized in the production process, mean better results in your hands and in your mouth.

We trust our local producers with providing the finest, best tasting products. We selected them based on their merits and their ideals: as we believe in sustainability and environment friendliness, these were at the core of our choices.

Natural products, grown locally in a genuine environment, are what gives us the advantage when it comes to ice cream, and what makes our products tasty, refreshing and natural.
Born and raised in the beautiful Italian Chianti hills in Tuscany, Lorenzo Brandini developed a passion for genuine, home-grown ingredients from a very young age.

His experience working for fine dining restaurants across the whole of Europe: 'Osteria Francescana' in Modena, Italy under the wing of Massimo Bottura; 'Heart Ibiza' in Ibiza, Spain following the directions of Albert Adrià; 'Ting Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London, United Kingdom. These numerous experiences expanded his knowledge of culinary techniques and gave him insights on the importance of customer experience, which we cherish deeply.

The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and forced social isolation sparked in him the always-present ambition to go back to his Italian roots, selling a quality product, made with his own hands with the hope of brightening someone’s day.

- What is BrIce_London? -

Hi there! My name is Lorenzo Brandini and I'm the creator of BrIce! BrIce is a new Home-Made Food and Ice Cream Delivery brand, dedicated to meeting all your needs. Combining authentic taste, unique textures, vegan and low-fat recipes, BrIce’s products are all made with the finest ingredients, selected directly by me!

- What do you mean with home-made? -

All products are actually made at home, Lorenzo Brandini’s home! With many years of experience in fine-dining (including Michelin starred restaurants) and managing Agri-food businesses, Lorenzo prepares every single product, every day, respecting the highest food safety procedures and putting all his love into it.

- How will I get the product? -

Any BrIce product will be delivered directly to your doorstep, or wherever you wish to enjoy our product. If you wish to collect your order directly at Lorenzo’s, you are more than welcome!
sustainibility We strive to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability to meet them in the future.

Sustainability is the pillar that drives us, it's the core value that is incorporated in every facet of our service. We recognize the fact that we can only do so much regarding sustainability at large, but we try our best to give you all the possibilities to be sustainable yourself, with our products.

Our packaging comes from recycled paper: we connected with companies that share our same sustainability goals and these relationships help us maintain this long term vision.

Our ice cream is made from locally grown products and prepared artfully to give the deserved respect to these products.
In order to bring you the best possible experience, we put our effort in every aspect of it, delivery being one of them.

We believe that a fast delivery is of extreme importance.
We want to be respectful of your time and need to keep up with the fast-paced times we live in.

That's why our products are delivered the same day if you place your order before 2pm.
Same day delivery will allow you to get our products in just a few hours.

For all orders placed after 2pm, next day delivery will apply .
This way you'll have some more time to make space in your freezer!

If you require a 30min delivery service and you find yourself in West London, check your eligibility with our partners Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

As we are an ice cream delivery brand, we are always looking for ways to improve our delivery service and your feedback is very important to us.

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quality We value the people that work hard growing the produce with passion, and to honour their achievements, we put all the effort needed to bring the best possible ice cream to your doorstep.

Quality is important for us, as it is for you: in the end, you are what you eat and we are mindful of that. That's why we do not compromise when it comes to creating a product that we are proud of and that you value.

In addition, we are always improving and experimenting with new options, that come from your invaluable feedback, that we cherish and listen to. Quality is something that is achieved throughout time: it is a goal more than an arrival. That's precisely why we keep improving in any and every aspect of our company and we couldn't do it without you.
As your feedback makes us better, we kindly ask you to contribute by giving suggestions or telling us what you would like to see from us going forward.

We know it can be a daunting task, but we can assure you, that all feedback is appreciated and makes for a better experience in the future, for everyone.